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Expanding research and development partnerships into business partnerships

Our market is transforming into an industry. Your institutions are transforming into businesses strongly driven by KPIs. And as this continues, we intend to go with you, every single step of the way. We will be your partner who can scale its offerings. From selling products and servicing them, consulting you on holistic healthcare solutions, contributing strategically to your healthcare value chain or to wholeheartedly partnering with you on new opportunities this industry has in store. We are willing to join you in the transformation of healthcare delivery.

As your partner we are there when you need us. Our local presence, the fact that we speak your language or our service technicians’ benchmark reaction times – this is what you can rely on. No compromise. It’s how we built a base of more than 600,000 running systems powered by more than 4,000.



Together with you, we have co-developed technology, we have made procedures more innovative, and we have put together bits and pieces to create a holistic view on diseases, making them more manageable and treatable. And together with you we want to go to the next level of this partnership – becoming partners that share opportunities and risks.