ASEAN Perspectives

ASEAN Perspectives - Issue 2015/2016

In this issue of ASEAN Perspective, you will read about healthcare
professionals from across our region and how they have changed and improved the way they deliver care to patients, in particular infectious disease testing.
Our cover story describes how one of the pioneers of laboratory diagnostics in Indonesia, Prodia Group, is leading the way in advancing the nation’s healthcare through IT innovation and deeper laboratory-vendor partnerships.
We also visited the Bavarian Red Cross from Germany and Pathlab
from Malaysia, as they describe how they reached unparallel workflow
efficiencies and clinical performance achieved for blood donor screening.

ASEAN Perspectives - Issue January 2014

This issue of ASEAN Perspective is about this incredible evolution.
Doctors around the world discuss next-generation sequencing - the latest molecular technology that offers granularity of information down to the genetic makeup of an individual, and its clinical applications. You also find an article on how Siemens brings diagnostics to the forefront with our customers in our Siemens Day conferences across ASEAN. And last but not least, we share with you the passion of some of the highly respected professionals in ASEAN - how they move the value of diagnostics forward by making it available to more patients, and how they pass on their deep knowledge to raise the next generation of diagnostics champions.